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    Breast Cancer 101 (Interactive Multimedia) - Surgical Biopsy
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    A surgical biopsy is the most accurate way to diagnose breast cancer and get complete information about the tumor. However, it is more invasive than a needle biopsy. Because core needle biopsy is accurate in diagnosing cancer and does not involve surgery, it is often the preferred biopsy method [3,5].

    In most surgical biopsies, the entire suspicious area plus some of the surrounding normal tissue is removed from the breast (excisional biopsy). In certain cases, when the entire area is too large to remove, only part of it is taken out (incisional biopsy).

    The tissue removed is tested for signs of cancer. If cancer is found, other tests can be done to help you and your health care provider plan treatment. Learn more about these tests.

    Updated 10/22/13


    Fine Needle Aspiration (Fine Needle Biopsy) 

      Excisional Biopsy 



    Incisional Biopsy