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Our interactive treatment navigation tool for newly diagnosed patients can help you explore the different types of treatments you may have.


Overview of Treatment Options  Clinical Trials 
Types of Treatment for Different Stages of Breast Cancer  Treatment Issues for Younger Women 
Factors that Affect Treatment and Prognosis  Breast Cancer in Men 
Other Issues Related to Treatment  Questions for Your Provider 
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Over the past 20 years, great progress has been made in the early detection and treatment of breast cancer. As a result, the number of breast cancer survivors continues to rise. In fact, there are almost three million breast cancer survivors in the United States today (more than any other group of cancer survivors) [1]!

In this section of Understanding Breast Cancer, we describe the standard treatments (including their benefits and risks) for different types of breast cancer.  

Overview of Treatment Options  

Types of Treatment for Different Stages of Breast Cancer 


Factors that Affect Treatment and Prognosis  

Other Issues Related to Treatment  


Treatment Issues for Younger Women  

Breast Cancer in Men 


Clinical Trials 

Questions for Your Provider  

   Questions for your provider:  

Research Tables 

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