• Susan G. Komen®, Milburn Foundation And Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation Partner To Raise $50,000 For Research By March 31


    For the next 30 days, Susan G. Komen, the Milburn Foundation and the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation (IBCRF) are joining forces to give donors a chance to double their donation and help fuel research into one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer. Through the end of the month, Milburn and IBCRF will match all donations to Komen up to $50,000, raising up to $100,000 in funds for research aimed at finding new ways of detecting and treating inflammatory breast cancer (IBC).

    “IBC is often difficult to diagnose because it does not usually present with a lump. Its main symptoms are redness, swelling or a rash, and many physicians aren’t familiar with this less common type of breast cancer,” said Victoria Wolodzko, VP of Research and Community Health Program Operations at Komen. “This is particularly alarming because it means women with IBC are being diagnosed at advanced stages, when there are not as many treatment options and odds of survival are lower.”

    Research breakthroughs for aggressive forms of breast cancer, including IBC, are central to Komen’s Bold Goal of reducing the current number of breast cancer deaths in the U.S. by 50 percent by 2026.

    “Our partnership with the Milburn Foundation and IBCRF will allow us to fund research that could lead to more effective treatments for IBC, pushing us closer to achieving our Bold Goal, and ultimately ending this disease,” Wolodzko added.

    This is the second year that Komen and the Milburn Foundation have teamed up, raising more than $409,000 in March of 2016 (more than eight times the matching gift goal). In addition, Komen, Milburn and IBCRF teamed up last fall to announce funding for two grants aimed at developing new ways of diagnosing and treating IBC.

    “We are ardent supporters of Susan G. Komen’s Bold Goal,” said Bryon Davis, President of the Milburn Foundation. “This fund-raising initiative and the IBC research grant collaboration, actively demonstrate how a private foundation like ours can unite leading partners against a common enemy – breast cancer.”

    “Komen is a true leader in the breast cancer space and their dedication to openness, authentic team work and new approaches is a testament to the partnership’s success,” Davis continued. “IBCRF’s deep expertise is integrated in a way that is seamless and amplifies the benefits for all.”

    "Tackling the challenge of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) requires determination and collaboration," said Ginny Mason, RN, IBC Survivor and Executive Director of IBCRF.

    "Research has been the focus of our mission from day one and we're delighted to continue working with the Milburn Foundation and Komen," Mason shared. "We see this matching gift campaign as both an IBC educational opportunity and a way to engage support for research of aggressive breast cancers like IBC."

    The largest nonprofit funder of breast cancer research outside of the federal government, Komen has invested $8.9 million into research focused on IBC to date – part of the organization’s $920 million research portfolio. Read more about Komen’s research programs