• willie lewis


    I am writing on behalf of My Wife (Mrs. Josephine Lewis), who died on August 1, 2009, while she was still living my wife made Me and My Kids "PROMISE HER" to (Tell Her Story) the Torture she went through while living with her Breast Cancer. In 2003, My Wife found A small "Lump in her Left Breast" and it was "The Size of A Small BB," and when we discover "The Lump in Her Breast," as A Family we reach out for (Help for My Wife all over "The State of Michigan" and all over "The Country For Help)." I used to work for "Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company" and I was Medical Malpractice by A Company Doctor, and The Operation left Me in Chronic Pain also I had an Heart Attack from the Operation. I have 250-300 Different Documents proven what I am saying is TRUE, ""Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company held MY INSURANCE and MY BENEFITS"". So I went to (Department of Human Service in Jackson Michigan) to try to get "My Wife A Medical Insurance Card." "Department of Human Service in Jackson Michigan",'DENIAL MY WIFE", so ME and MY KIDS got in touch with over (150 DIFFERENT POLITICIANS both DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICANS PARTIES) both" Protected Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company." While (The State of Michigan and the Politicians from Both Parties) protected "This Company" while (The Cancer Grew from (The Size of a BB to the Size of a Grapefruit), "No Doctor or Hospital" would Treat Her, so She took OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICINE, while (My Wife was REFUSE from Different Doctors Medical Treatment and Hospitals,and The Cancer Spreaded From Her Left Breast, to Her Lungs, and Her Brain). "Allegiance Health in Jackson Michigan REFUSE to Treat My Wife until The Cancer was All Over Her Body" and when It was Too Late, Allegiance Health Remove Her Left Breast, and She had 3 More Surgeries to try to Live...But it was too Late. My Wife was "MURDER BY THE SYSTEM, She was "MURDER BY THE SYSTEM". On My Wife 's Dying Bed; She made Me and My Son, and Grandson (PROMISE HER) that we would "TELL HER STORY" to let (Every Woman In This Country know that The Politicians From Both Parties) that they don't care nothing about "Women with Breast Cancer". Now "ME and MY KIDS is being TERRORIZE" because They do not want "NOBODY" too FIND OUT what THEY DID to MY WIFE and MY FAMILY and See THE DOCUMENTS that WE HAVE. I will Tell This Story With JESUS and Peace ALSO I Promise JESUS and MY Wife that too Thank You and GOD BLESS YOU! Willie D. Lewis 204 E. Wilkins Street Jackson, Michigan 49203 517.990.7208, call anytime Back to Breast Cancer Stories