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    The Lynn Lectures


    The Lynn Lectures: Mindfulness and Integrative Medicine Nurturing Body, Mind and Spirit was established in 2001 to honor the life and spirit of Lynn Tucker Grogan, an ordained minister who advocated for and practiced the principles of mindful attention to body, mind, and spirit as a means of enhancing quality of life and facilitating healing throughout her battle with breast cancer. The Lynn Lectures are centered on the importance of integrative medicine and mindfulness in the promotion of healing, living fully in the present moment and cultivating wellbeing even when one’s disease cannot be cured, as was the case for Lynn. Her legacy, through the lectures, empowers others to find peace and achieve healing in their own lives.

    The Lynn Lectures incorporates integrative medicine’s focus on the following areas:

    • the facilitation of healing which can arise from the relationship between healthcare providers’ and their patients; and
    • the cultivation of psycho-physiological well-being through mindfulness practice, irrespective of the individual’s current health status.  
    Integrative medicine combines traditional Western medicine with mind/body, complementary, and preventive measures that address the whole person. Healthcare professionals are encouraged to provide full-spectrum evidence-based care directed toward the patient as a whole person. This includes appropriate medical care for the body, as well as attending with compassion to patients’ psychological and spiritual needs through mind/body approaches known to enhance healing. Individuals are encouraged to live life as if it really matters!


    Your contribution can help ensure that the Lynn Lectures events continue to occur in deserving and eligible communities across the U.S. and that the powerful message of Mindfulness and Integration Medicine will grow and flourish. Susan G. Komen for the Cure reserves the right to distribute donations made to the Lynn Lectures fund at its sole discretion.


    For all questions and inquiries concerning the program, please contact Kendall Bergman at kbergman@komen.org and refer specifically to the Komen Lynn Lectures program.

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