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    Without our corporate partners, we'd never be able to do what we do - provide breast cancer education, screening and treatment to millions and fund research for the whole world. Their generosity and tireless efforts allow us to continue striving to save lives and end breast cancer forever.

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     Partner Impact Statement  

    Featured Partners

    Our partners take a stand to do good while doing business. Through cause marketing, event sponsorship, philanthropic giving, community and employee engagement, and the power of volunteerism, these companies have shaped the face of the breast cancer movement and will continue to do so until we end this terrible disease.

    5 Questions to Ask Before Participating

    With so many cause-related marketing programs out there, how can you be sure your money is going where it should? Become a savvy consumer. Review our Five Questions to Ask and learn how to identify cause marketing programs you can feel good about.

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    How is the program structured?

    Transparency is key. Is the company clearly stating how the money is raised and how much will be going to charity? For example, if it's a donation per purchase, ask how much of purchase price goes to charity—is it two percent or 10 percent—or some other amount? If there is a minimum contribution guaranteed by the company, what is the amount? Is there a maximum donation that will be made by the company?

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    How will the organization that benefits use my money

    It should be abundantly clear where the monies go. What organization will they support? Will the dollars generated go to research, education, community programs or all of the above? We are very specific about our programs, activities and grants awarded to support our mission to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. View our most recent Annual Report.

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    Is the program meaningful to me?

    Is the program supporting a cause you believe in or have been touched by? Based on the details of the program and the potential for dollars to be raised does the program make sense to you? Selecting the right program is a personal choice based on your interests, your passions and a cause that is important to you.

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    Is this company committed?

    Read the product packaging and promotional materials or display and visit the company website to make sure the company is credible and committed to the cause.

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    Who does the program benefit?

    Does it support a well-managed, reputable nonprofit or fund? Again, we recommend that consumers read websites. We make it very clear on our site who we are, how we structure programs and how the monies are used. The Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance is one resource for information on non-profit organizations if you are unsure (visit www.give.org).

    Transparent Cause marketing

    In October 2012, Susan G. Komen® joined with the New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman to implement charitable cause marketing practices. These standards are in place to give consumers better information and a clearer understanding of how their donations support Komen's life-saving research and breast cancer programs. We work closely with our partners to ensure all cause marketing programs meet these standards, and all program details are transparent to consumers.

    Better Business Bureau®

    We strongly adhere to the Better Business Bureau's Standards for Charitable Accountability.