• Susan G. Komen for the Cure® and the Caterpillar Foundation Announce Second Round of $2 Million Grants to Latin America

    The Caterpillar Foundation Partnering with Komen to Increase Screening, Education, Training for Medical Professionals in Three Latin American Countries

    DALLAS, TX – July 27, 2012 – Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, the world’s leading breast cancer organization, is launching the second year of an extensive breast cancer outreach initiative in Latin America, made possible through $2 million in grants from Illinois-based Caterpillar Foundation.

    The Caterpillar Foundation’s investment is being used to improve education, screening and early detection outcomes in low-resource countries in Latin America, ultimately supporting communities and reducing deaths from breast cancer.

    “The generosity of the Caterpillar Foundation will quite literally save lives, allowing us to work in partnership with government and non-government organizations, health ministries and the medical community to improve outcomes for women and men facing this disease,” said Nancy G. Brinker, founder and CEO for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

    In this second phase of the partnership, Komen is providing year-long grants to build on the work achieved through grants awarded last year in Mexico, Brazil and Panama. Grantees will be notified in Mexico the week of July 23; Brazil, the week of August 6; and Panama, the week of August 13. This funding will support programs in Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Panama City respectively, to build on public education and screening campaigns, train medical practitioners, and build infrastructure for breast cancer programs.

    According to a Breast Health Global Initiative (BHGI) report (2008), the incidence of breast cancer in Latin American countries is lower than in more developed countries, but the mortality rate is higher, most likely due to differences in screening strategies and access to treatment. GLOBOCAN 2008 reports that breast cancer has the highest known incidence rate of all cancers and is the leading known cause of cancer death among women in Latin America and the Caribbean.  The grants will support research and outreach in Mexico, Brazil and Panama, three countries in which breast cancer remains a leading cause of cancer mortality in women.

    The Komen-Caterpillar partnership in Latin American is part of Komen’s $44 million investment in research and public health programs in more than 50 countries outside the United States. Komen also is supporting the National Cancer Institute’s United States-Latin America Cancer Research Network (US-LA CRN) on a large-scale research study that may help determine genetic and other factors in breast cancer in Latin America, with implications for women of Latin origin worldwide.

    “My promise to my sister to end breast cancer is a promise to all women and families to end this disease wherever we find it,” Brinker said. “This is why we work in more than 50 countries, most of them low-resource countries, where the growing global cancer pandemic will hit the hardest.”

    “We are proud that, through the Caterpillar Foundation, we have been able to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure in their work to educate communities on the importance of early cancer detection and increase the availability of screening technology over the past year,” said Kim Hauer, Caterpillar Chief HR Officer and Vice President of the Human Services Division. “We look forward to Komen’s continued success in Mexico, Brazil and Panama with this new group of grantees.”