• Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Statement on Supreme Court ACA Ruling

    DALLAS - June, 28, 2012 - The Supreme Court’s ruling preserves provisions that Susan G. Komen for the Cure® has supported for many years--that is, providing access to and coverage for quality preventive programs as well as affordable and quality treatment for women and men facing breast cancer. The Komen Advocacy Alliance will continue to work to ensure that the best interests of breast cancer patients, survivors and co-survivors are taken into account throughout the implementation process of the Affordable Care Act. This will include communicating with rulemaking agencies and offering our expertise on issues such as defining essential health benefits packages to the benefit of breast cancer patients and survivors.

    Background: From the onset of the health care reform debate, Susan G. Komen for the Cure Advocacy Alliance has been committed to securing critical patient protections that could be achieved through health care reform.  We have focused on advocating for policies that directly serve individuals with breast cancer, survivors, and those who may develop breast cancer in the future.  We will remain dedicated to our mission and will continue to support:
    • Covering mammography and evidence-based preventive services without cost-sharing
    • Eliminating exclusions for pre-existing conditions, discrimination based on health status, and lifetime and annual limits on health benefits
    • Limits on a patient’s total out-of-pocket costs
    • Ensuring that all breast cancer patients, including subpopulations that are vulnerable to health care disparities, understand and can navigate the health care system
    • Empowering women with information, so they know what to look for, when to see a doctor, and what to ask them
    • Education, outreach, and services directed toward increasing awareness of the risks of breast cancer in young women and providing support for young women diagnosed with breast cancer
    • Improving access to clinical trials by requiring coverage of routine patient costs for participants

    We firmly believe that all breast cancer patients deserve access to affordable, high quality health care, and we remain committed to promoting policies that will help achieve this goal.