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    Growing up in Peoria, Illinois, my sister, Susan G. Komen, and I were just about as close as two sisters can get. After graduating from college, I packed my bags and moved to Dallas, and although Suzy and I were separated by distance, we spoke every day. I still remember the phone call I received from Suzy saying her doctor had found a lump in her breast. Hearing this news, I decided to fly home. I’ll never forget the expression on my father’s face when I arrived. At the age of 33, my sister had breast cancer.

    Suzy had surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, but the cancer was out of control. As I realized my time with her was growing short, Suzy made me promise that I would do everything I could to end breast cancer. "I promise," I said. Shortly after I made that promise, Suzy passed away. Not knowing where to begin, I wondered what just one person could do. Could I make a difference? Could one person really change the world?

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    The experience of being a breast cancer survivor or co-survivor can vary greatly from one person to the next. Feel free to share your special, unique experience with others. Regardless of whether you are a survivor or a co-survivor, your story can serve as a source of inspiration, motivation and support to others whose lives have been affected by breast cancer.

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