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  • Dr. Hyman Muss and Prof. Yosef Yarden Morn


    The story of breast cancer is the story of people - people we've been able to help through our research, community health programs, advocacy and global work - and the people who are trying to end this disease in laboratories around the world, and in our own neighborhoods. Join us here as we continue to share stories that celebrate the women and men who inspire us all.

    “Many are surprised to learn that the average age of women diagnosed with breast cancer is 61. It is far more prevalent in 70-year-old women than in 40-year-old women.”
    - Dr. Hyman B. Muss
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    “I was driven by curiosity—what causes cells to grow and how do these processes go awry in cancer? —and the challenge of answering these questions through research.”
    - Prof. Yosef Yarden
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    Established by Susan G. Komen for the Cure® in 1992, the Brinker Award for Scientific Distinction is a marquee award that honors leading scientists for their significant achievements and contributions in basic and translational science and clinical practice that have advanced the fight to save lives and realize our vision of a world without breast cancer. This year’s awardees are Dr. Hyman Muss, an American clinician-scientist and Prof. Yosef Yarden, an Israeli researcher whose work has led to more personalized treatments for breast cancer. Dr. Muss and Prof. Yarden received their awards at the 2012 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium on December 5.