• Grant Description

    Affiliate   Global Race for the Cure®
    Title:  Komen Accelerating Breast Cancer Diagnosis (ABCD) Project
    Organization:  Providence Health Foundation
    Year:  2011

    The proposed Komen Accelerating Breast Cancer and Diagnosis (ABCD) Program provides comprehensive breast cancer screening, diagnosis & treatment for more than 4,500 women, 40 and older, residing in Wards 7 and 8 of the District of Columbia. With an overall goal of reducing fragmentation of services which affects especially the uninsured & under-insured, four community-based clinics operated by partners Providence Hospital & Unity Health Care will refer patients directly to Providence’s comprehensive cancer program for screening, diagnosis & treatment. Komen ABCD builds on previous patient navigation models, providing critical support along the continuum of breast health care, including: outreach at clinics to ensure that women are referred and screened; care communication management at clinics to ensure results are conveyed to providers: and patient navigation for hospital-based services for patients with abnormal screenings. Program objectives include: increasing the number of women who are receiving mammograms by 100 or more per year, decreasing time intervals between suspicious findings, diagnostic confirmation and treatment & improving communication systems among providers.