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    There have been many unexpected happenings in my journey through life. I remember well the day of February 2, 1995. I went to a routine appointment with my gynecologist, not knowing it would be followed by a visit to a surgeon and the prospect of breast cancer. The following day the dreaded news was confirmed, and within a week I had surgery and "the bad guys" were removed. During follow-up treatment my oncologist told me about the upcoming Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure®. My family and I attended this uplifting event, which motivated me to become a volunteer and get involved. I did and am still doing.

    I try to make myself available wherever the need may be. I've been at health fairs giving out information and handling merchandise, at golf outing fundraising events and at the L'Oreal Paris Because Your Dog is Worth it Too benefit. I've set up a table, along with my husband Wil (who has been very supportive), soliciting donations from families in exchange for fake currency to give to train robbers on a railroad steam engine ride. I've helped make table decorations and volunteered in different capacities at the Annual Gala at Drumthwacket, the New Jersey Governor's mansion, in memory of Jane Rodney, New Jersey's first Race director. Each year I look forward to chairing the packet pick-up and registration the three days before the New Jersey Race for the Cure and getting the chance to talk with breast cancer survivors and share the specialness of the day with them. I helped make pink ribbon bows for last year's first Tie a Pink Ribbon campaign. I went door to door, business to business in my community selling the bows that would help promote awareness and make mammograms available to the underserved. It was grand seeing the sea of pink ribbons blanket the streets. In fact, this coming year, because of its success and recognition in the local newspapers, the campaign will be spreading to neighboring communities, which I find exciting. I've been a driver and transporter for BMW's annual Ultimate Drive. In 2005 I had the lovely honor of being selected as a local hero by Komen for the Cure & BMW of North America.

    It seems that since my breast cancer diagnosis and survivorship, I've been ever so much busier in my life. I've been a coordinator for the Children's Friendship Project for Northern Ireland (CFPNI), a reconciliation and peace program for the lastten years. My husband and I have been hosts to many of the children as well. I enjoy gardening and bird watching. I belong to two garden clubs where I've held different offices. I wear hearing aids and am an advocate for the Hearing Loss Association of America.

    Wil and I have 3 children, two of which are daughters. I have encouraged them to be health conscious. We are fortunate to have five grandchildren as well.

    One never knows what path may come next in life's journey, but I know Ienjoy each day and appreciate just watching cloud formations and the beautiful colors in the sky.


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