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  • Matching Gift

    If you or your spouse works for a company, that offers a matching gift program, you can ask your company to match that donation – doubling, sometimes tripling your impact to Susan G. Komen®. To learn more or if you have questions about the matching gift process contact our matching gifts team:

    Email: MatchingGifts@Komen.org
    Phone: 972-855-4316

    Matching Gifts Q&A

    What is a matching gift?

    Employee matching gift programs are corporate giving programs. Employer matching gift programs are a great way for employees to double or, in some cases, triple their contribution to the fight against breast cancer.

    How do I request a matching gift?

    After you have donated to Susan G. Komen, please contact your Human Resource representative at your company and they will provide you with a matching gift form or a link to submit your matching gift request online.

    If your employer needs information from Susan G. Komen, then please contact us using the information below.

    Email: MatchingGifts@Komen.org
    Phone: 972-855-4316

    I am the donor, but my spouse’s employer offers matching gift program, may I submit the matching gift request through their employer even though I made the donation?

    Yes! If your spouse's employer also offers a matching gift program, you might be able to apply for an additional match to your gift.

    Your support is vital in helping us achieve our mission to save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer.