• Dawn Masque


    Co-survivor: Her daughter, Dawn Masque (and 16 other special women)

    My mom, Donna Huiet, celebrated her 10-year anniversary of being cancer-free on April 2, 2006. I remember when she told me and my Gran, her mother, that she had breast cancer....I knew she had something on her mind, but cancer was the furthest thing from my mind. You never think it will touch you or your family.

    Every year, I try to think of different ways to celebrate the blessing that she is healthy and cancer-free. She is such an inspiration to me, so I rack my mind and heart for ways to show her. This year I needed something to touch her as no other gift had, so I sent letters to 16 women who are a part of both of our lives - friends and loved ones, who have shared the joys and sorrows that life has presented. I announced the "10 year anniversary" and told them how important they are to us. With the letter I included a breast cancer card asking each lady to write a note in it to Mom and send it the week of her anniversary. The cards started coming in right on time and I have never been more moved by the love and stories which were in each one. My Mom was so touched that each lady took the time to let her know just what an inspiration she has always been to each of them, even before she faced cancer. I am grateful to each also...16 letters sent...16 cards returned with love. The simplest things mean the very most.

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