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  • Questions for Your Provider - Chemotherapy


    Questions to ask your doctor about breast cancer chemotherapy
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    • Why do you recommend chemotherapy for me?
    • What chemotherapy drugs do you recommend? Why have you chosen these drugs for me?
    • What are my chances of a breast cancer recurrence, metastasis or a new breast cancer with these chemotherapy drugs? What are my chances of survival? Please explain the differences to me. How do these numbers compare with those for other therapy options, including a plan without chemotherapy?
    • Is there a clinical trial that you recommend I join?
    • Will I need other treatments besides chemotherapy?
    • What were the estrogen receptor status and progesterone receptor status of my tumor? How do these affect my treatment plan?
    • What was the HER2/neu status of my tumor? How does this affect my treatment plan?
    • Was cancer found in my lymph nodes? How many nodes had cancer? How does this affect my treatment plan?
    • Should I have chemotherapy even if my lymph nodes do not have cancer?
    • Are there other tests that could or should be done on my tumor to decide whether I should have chemotherapy?
    • In what form and how often will the chemotherapy be given? How many treatment sessions will I have? How long will each treatment session take?
    • Will I need someone to come with me to the treatment sessions? Will someone need to drive me home?
    • What are the side effects and long-term health risks of chemotherapy?
    • Which side effects should I report to you right away?
    • What medications will you give me to help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy? How and when should I take them?
    • Can I continue to work, exercise and do other routine activities while on chemotherapy? Are there special precautions I should take while on chemotherapy or afterwards?
    • Can I have sex while on chemotherapy?
    • Are there any medications or complementary therapies I should avoid during my treatment?
    • Should I continue to see my regular physician or gynecologist during my treatment?
    • Where can I find a support group for people living with breast cancer (or cancer in general)?
    • How often will I have check-ups and follow-up tests after treatment ends?
    • Will a follow-up care plan be prepared for me?
    • Which health care provider is in charge of my follow-up care?
    • If I lose my hair during chemotherapy, where can I buy a wig? When should I do this? How do I get reimbursed from my insurance company?
    • What do I need to consider before treatment begins if I would like to have a child after I have been treated for breast cancer? 

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    Updated 04/24/14



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