• Jennifer Groves


    Im 29 years and just diagnosed with stage3b er-/pr-/her2+ invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer April 18,2016. I really dont have a lot of support and it was so much to handle. I never thought I would be battling breast cancer. I found the lump myself in March and I immediately went to my family doctor because it was causing me pain. I was misdiagnosed with a cyst and abscess. It wasnt getting better they finally sent me for mammogram. I had two mammograms and two ultrasounds. I when I got the phone call I didnt cry I was in complete shock and didnt know how to react. God gives me strength through it all! Being diagnosed at such a young age has just made me spread the word and support breast cancer more than before. Its my mission to make every woman and man aware no matter the age. Im an example at 29 with no history of breast cancer or any cancer in my family that it can happen to anybody. I give God all the praise because he will get me through it. With God anything is possible. Back to Breast Cancer Stories