• Considering a Breast Cancer Clinical Trial? Susan G. Komen Can Help

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    Lucy was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. After speaking with her doctor about treatment options, she decided to explore clinical trials. Unfortunately, she had no idea where to go to find accurate information – until she found our Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Clinical Trial Helpline.

    Deciding whether to participate in a clinical trial can be difficult, but getting the right education and support can ease the decision making process. We launched the Breast Cancer Clinical Trial Information Helpline to provide a human touch to what can otherwise be a daunting process. Our clinical trial specialists help patients understand breast cancer clinical trials and provide the information and resources they need to decide if a trial might be right for them – and to help them search for a specific trial that might be right for them.

    To begin Lucy’s search for the right trial, our clinical trial specialist first asked questions to assess Lucy's knowledge about clinical trials in general, as it’s important to know how clinical trials work and what to expect as a participant before diving into the search. Based on Lucy’s current understanding about clinical trials, topics such as clinical trial phases, misconceptions and informed consent were discussed. Lucy was also armed with a list of questions to ask her oncologist about clinical trials to take to her next appointment.

    We followed up with Lucy a week later regarding her progress and were thrilled to hear that she was in a much better place emotionally. Lucy explained that her call with our clinical trial helpline inspired her to find a different doctor at a research-based hospital center where she has started the process of looking for a clinical trial. Empowered by the information and support she received, Lucy has also been able to navigate and search for clinical trials on her own. Although Lucy has yet to find a clinical trial she qualifies for, her medical team is aware of her interest and continues to search for viable options. “Thank you, you've been very helpful, it was great to speak with you,” Lucy said. “You have an awesome organization and I look forward to speaking with you again."

    If you or a loved one is interested in exploring clinical trials, contact the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Clinical Trial Helpline at 1-877-465-6636.

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