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  • Andres Forero


    The story of breast cancer is the story of people - people we've been able to help through our research, community health programs, advocacy and global work - and the people who are trying to end this disease in laboratories around the world, and in our own neighborhoods. Join us here as we continue to share stories that celebrate the women and men who inspire us all.

    “While we worked to learn more about this possible new therapy, it became clear that there was another problem facing TNBC patients – a lack of information and support.”

    “Advances in breast cancer research, many of which have been funded by Komen, have made it so that all patients can have hope as they face this aggressive disease.” –                                                                                     Andres Forero  

    One of the most striking things I have seen in my career – particularly working in Alabama – is the fact that such a large proportion of African American breast cancer patients are affected by triple negative breast cancer (TNBC). This is a serious problem, as it hits this underserved population the hardest. Since not much is known about the biology of TNBC, there are currently no targeted treatments to battle this very aggressive form of cancer. Generally, patients just receive chemotherapy and radiation – therapies that often have harsh side effects.