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    Understanding Cost & Coverage Issues with Diagnostic Breast Imaging

    Understanding Cost and Coverage Issues with Diagnostic Breast Imaging

    Susan G. Komen commissioned a study on the coverage and cost of diagnostic breast imaging in different health insurance types. Diagnostic imaging is typically more expensive than screening mammography and as a result, patients are often burdened with significant co-pays and co-insurance when receiving medically-necessary diagnostic imaging. This report provides detail on how harmful this can be to patients.

    Patients' Access Webinar Series

    High cost-sharing practices continue to cause a barrier to care for breast cancer patients. They can prevent patients from accessing the treatments prescribed by their physicians and force physicians to make decisions based on outdated health plans rather than what is best for their patient. Komen has long advocated for policies to reduce these insurance barriers, and because of this tireless advocacy, patients are finally beginning to receive the treatment options they deserve, without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, we have found that most patients are unaware of these new treatment options, updated insurance policies and their options for cost-savings. The webinars below provide additional information and resources on these topics.

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    Metastatic Breast Cancer Step Therapy


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