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    International Affiliates of Susan G. Komen® are currently operational in Italy, Germany and Puerto Rico. One hundred percent of the funds raised by International Affiliates remain in country to fund screening, education, and treatment.

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    Name/Contact: Susan G. KOMEN Deutschland e.V.,
    Heinrich-Hoffmann-Straße 3, 60528 Frankfurt, Germany;
    +49 69-678 65 38 0 +49 69-678 65 38 0 FREE
    Website/E-mail:www.komen.de www.raceforthecure.de/ info@komen.de  

    • Susan G. Komen Deutschland e.V. was established in 1999/2000. Komen Deutschland e.V. held its first Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® in August 2000 in Frankfurt which now attracts nearly 8,000 participants and 500 breast cancer survivors each year.  In 2013, Races were also hosted in Cologne and Hamburg.
    • Komen Deutschland focuses on raising awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer, conducting educational programs and funding breast cancer survivor support programs across the country awarding to date more than 50 grants totaling over 1.2 million Euros in total. Areas of funding include: survivor program support, support of breast cancer nurses, a breast cancer hotline, mammography screening guides, breast self-awareness campaigns, advocacy training and psycho-social support.
    • One of the Affiliate's goals is to reach each newly diagnosed woman in Germany the breast clinic with Komen Deutschland's "Pink Info Bag" which provides these patients with guidance, important information and a sense of community from the very beginning of their journey with breast cancer. Over 20,000 women are reached with this program each year.
    • Komen Deutschland conducts free educational sessions throughout the year. There continues to be a very large demand for breast health brochures. Since 2007, the Affiliate has sent out more than 60,000 brochures and makes them available for download on the Affiliate website.


    "It's common for Germans to hide their breast cancer out of shame. My doctor told me that chemo made me infertile, then left me to cope with that knowledge by myself. I felt lost and depressed. People avoided talking to me. Everything changed when I found Komen! I felt a strong sense of community, got my strength back and finally feel empowered to make a difference. I am currently the volunteer Race Chair for the Komen Race for the Cure in Hamburg, recently spoke about my experience on national television, and best of all, I proved my doctor wrong because I am the mother of a healthy boy!" tells Johanna about being faced with breast cancer in her early 30s.

    -Johanna Zwarg, young breast cancer survivor and former Race Chair in Hamburg


    Name/Contact: Susan G. Komen Italia onlus, Via
    Venanzio Fortunato, 55, 00136 Rome, Italy;
    + + FREE
    Website/Email: www.komen.it / www.raceforthecure.it /komenitalia@komen.it  

    • Susan G. Komen Italia's activities began with their "Educational Program in Breast Cancer in Italy" in 1999 and shortly thereafter, they became an Affiliate of Susan G. Komen®. In May 2000, Komen Italia conducted its first Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Rome, the first ever held in Europe. In 2007, the Affiliate began expanding its Race series and there are now annual Races in Rome, Bari, and Bologna.
    • Komen Italia focuses on raising awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer, conducting educational programs and campaigns, investing in survivor support programs across the country and raising money to fund screening and treatment programs for underserved women in Italy.
    • The Rome Race has now grown to be the largest Race for the Cure event in the world attracting over 55,000 participants and 5,000 breast cancer survivors. During the two days before each Race, Komen Italia's Health Village provides free breast cancer screening to underserved women. Doctors and technicians volunteer their time to screen women who otherwise would not be able to afford the exams.
    • Since its inception in 2000, the Affiliate has awarded 245 grants to 111 nonprofit organizations in 17 Italian regions totaling more than 2.1 million Euros. The Affiliate has supported 215 fellowships related to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. More than 8,700 women have been served and 97 breast cancers have been detected at Komen Italia Health Villages where the Affiliate offers high-quality and free screening opportunities to underserved and high-risk women.
    • Komen Italia has built a strong network of nearly 100 nonprofit partner organizations.
    • 934 free educational sessions for 34,400 attendees were held in 99 Italian cities to date.
    • The Affiliate conducts year-round awareness events, produces culturally-appropriate educational materials and has successfully partnered with corporations to conduct cause related marketing campaigns. 


    "Being faced with breast cancer completely stopped my ability to think and make decisions. I felt very insecure. I was reluctant during my first time at the theater-therapy course, but with each time I felt better and I couldn't wait to go back. The night of our final performance in front of a large audience, I was a new woman. I felt self-confident. Empowered. If somebody asked me what this experience has given to me, I'd answer: It gave me my life back!"  

    -Maria Grazia, breast cancer survivor and participant in the theater therapy course lead by Komen Italia's grantee T.E.C.T.A. Clan H


    Name/Contact: Puerto Rico Affiliate of Susan G. Komen®;
    Doral Bldg., Suite 401, 650 Muñoz Rivera Ave., 00918 San Juan, Puerto Rico;
    787- 751-9096 or 787-282-6611
    Website/Email: www.komenpr.org / ca.sanchez@komenpr.org 

    • Susan G. Komen Puerto Rico was established in March 2003 and held its first Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in October 2005 in San Juan. Komen Puerto Rico has grown to be the leading breast cancer organization on the island with the mission to save live by educating the public about the importance of early detection and ensuring quality screening and treatment for all.
    • Since 2010, the Affiliate has invested US$800,000 US dollars in its community grants program which seeks to provide access to quality care to underserved populations and support to those affected by the disease. In 2013, Komen Puerto Rico grants provided over 2,800 mammograms and early screening tests for underserved women and more than 220 breast cancer patients received financial assistance in support of treating their disease.
    • Susan G. Komen Puerto Rico's community education programs reached approximately 2 million people in 2013.  Their signature education program Banderas creates educational links with different groups of the community, such as schools, organizations, corporations, and government entities. Over 40 partnerships have been established through the Banderas program and supports Komen’s programs in the following six categories: Mission, Communication, Education, Fundraising, Volunteer Bank and Advocacy.
    • The Race for the Cure in San Juan has experienced tremendous growth and now attracts over 15,000 participants and 500 breast cancer survivors.  It is the largest event of its kind on the island. and will celebrate its 10th anniversary on October 5, 2014.


    "I never imagined that an educational piece of Susan G. Komen Puerto Rico was going to change my life.  When I held it in my hands, I just knew that I had to take it with me.  When I found a lump in my left breast, I first thought I was way too young to have breast cancer.  You always think it's not going to happen to you.  Now I know how important it is to know what's normal for you and to take action immediately when noticing a change." 

    – Cynthia Medina, Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the young age of 35.


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