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    Susan G. Komen® has joined forces with GE healthymagination in a mission to tackle some of the biggest challenges in breast cancer.  The global partnership will increase breast cancer screenings and accelerate innovations worldwide.  Nancy Brinker, Komen Founder, shares her excitement: "Extraordinary things can happen when you apply imagination to solve big problems. This initiative brings new innovation, commitment and significant resources to the table, and we're very excited about its potential to help us end suffering and death, on a global scale, from the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women."

    "We envision a day when cancer is no longer a deadly disease," Jeff Immelt, Chairman & CEO of GE said. "Through the combination of GE's integrated cancer technologies and the convening of new partners and data sources, we see a new formula for tackling cancer. We think there is a better way and we are committed to driving toward it with partners like Susan G. Komen for the Cure."

    This unprecedented partnership launched in New York City in September 2011, and is now active in Wyoming and Saudi Arabia: 


    GE MulitimagesWyoming has some of the lowest screening rates in the United States, and the average distance of 70 miles to a screening facility makes the breast cancer issue even more complex. The GE-Komen "Wyoming Women First" initiative brings in-state partners and providers together with the shared goal of increasing access to breast health services through mobile technology and statewide grants. The mobile mammography van, or Mammovan, deployed summer 2012 targets rarely and never screened women in rural areas of the state.  

    Additionally, Komen has provided $1.13M million in funding to organizations in Wyoming to address known issues and barriers to care. This funding will help provide free mammograms for uninsured and underserved women, patient navigation to remove barriers to care and ensure women are able to access additional services if needed, and education encouraging women to take control of their breast health and get screened yearly. Learn more about how to access financial, educational and program resources at (www.wywomenfirst.com). 

    Saudi Arabia

    The GE-Komen initiative in Saudi Arabia brings cutting-edge screening, care and breast health education to 10,000 women, beginning with a pilot program in Riyadh City. Breaking the traditional silence and stigma of breast cancer in the Kingdom, the initiative includes a targeted awareness campaign, a call center, mobile screening units deployed near primary care centers in Riyadh, and timely follow-up care through a partnership with King Fahd Medical City.
    Princess Hessa Al-Shaalan has stepped forward to support the campaign led by the Ministry of Health along with King Fahd Medical City, GE, Saudi Cancer Society, and Susan G. Komen.


    Komen and GE’s partnership in China is built around a community-led breast cancer screening initiative, supported by educational, awareness, and scientific activities to drive community mobilization and engagement.  Originally targeted to select sites of Guangdong Province, the initiative has expanded to a national program.


    Global Women's Cancer Summit

    To address the growing global women's cancer crisis, Komen held the Inaugural Global Women's Cancer Summit on February 4, 2013, in Washington, DC, generously underwritten by GE. The Summit brought more than 300 thought leaders from governments, cancer organizations and the private sector together and charted a new global campaign and call-to-action: "2.5 by 2025." The purpose of this ambitious goal is to enhance breast cancer outcomes as measured by survival and quality of life for at least 2.5 million women in lower to middle income countries by the year 2025. The Summit was covered by more than 400 media outlets, garnering a total more than 167.4 million views.

    About GE Healthcare

    GE Healthcare, founded in 2004, is a subsidiary of General Electric. GE Healthcare is the innovative market and technology leader in breast cancer and has committed $6 billion to continuously develop innovations that help clinicians and healthcare providers deliver high-quality healthcare at lower cost to more people around the world. More information is available at: www.gehealthcare.com.

    More information at: www.healthymagination.com  

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