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    Cause Marketing is a win-win-win.  It provides an easy way for consumers to engage in and support our mission, while generating awareness and funds, with the potential to increase sales for your company.  Consumers have become very savvy.  They expect companies to participate in cause marketing, and seek to make contributions that will positively impact their communities.   

    Why partner with Susan G. Komen®? 

    The brand: 

    We have a strong and very recognizable brand, and our unique structure offers companies the opportunity to conduct a global campaign that can be executed at the grassroots level. 

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    The cause: 

    1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime in the US. 

    Around the world, a woman loses her life to breast cancer every 74 seconds.   

    The mission: 

    Komen's approach to discovering and delivering the cures for breast cancer is the most impactful: 

    We fund research, education, screening and treatment programs in more than 50 countries around the world and in more than 19,000 communities in the US. 

    • Komen has funded more breast cancer research than any other entity except the federal government -- $743 million to date. 
    • Last year alone, we granted $103 million to nearly 2000 community partner agencies and funded 700,000 breast screenings for underserved women. 
    • Komen's work has helped drive down breast cancer mortality rates by 33% since 1991 
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    The investment:

    In addition to increasing Komen's capacity for funding research and community health programs, cause related marketing efforts help to educate millions of consumers about a variety of breast cancer issues, encourage consumer activism and attract more breast cancer activists who want to help Komen realize a world without breast cancer. 

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    If your company meets these initial criteria and you'd like to explore a relationship with Susan G. Komen®, please contact us