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Volunteer Spotlights

  • Jack Wing
  • - 4/14/2011

      Around 1995, as the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure continued to broaden its scope across the nation, three Tulsa residents (Barbara Schwartz, Susan Ford Bales and Bill Donahue) determined the national fight against breast cancer should be

  • Leslie Reed
  • - 11/1/2010

    Not one to slow down, Leslie Reed's retirement opened the door for a more personal connection to Komen and her transformation into a super-volunteer. When two close friends were diagnosed with breast cancer and ultimately lost their battles, Leslie became passionate about fundraising for Komen events. In her fi

  • Sonia Susac
  • - 11/1/2010When she was only 38, Sonia was diagnosed with breast cancer. This young mother of two entered the race of a lifetime in her passion for beating the disease. Once Sonia’s personal battle was
  • Kate Sommer
  • - 5/5/2008

    Kate Sommer is a two-time breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed when she was 30 years old. Shortly before her recurrence 5 years later, a friend asked her if she had ever heard of the Susan G. Race for the Cure®. Kate went on to start the Nebraska Race for the Cure in 1994 and was a founding board member in

  • Hugh Campbell
  • - 1/30/2008

    Hugh Campbell, of the Louisville, Kentucky Affiliate, has been a volunteer for 11 years. He started in 1997 with his first Race for the Cure®, where he ran in celebration of his mother, Edna, who had been recently diagnosed. Hugh has participated and volunteered in both Race for the Cure and Rally for the C

  • Gwen Gardner
  • - 12/19/2007

    Gwen is a 5-year breast cancer survivor and has been a part of the Richmond Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® for four years and a volunteer for two of those four years. She has been a true delight to work with and her positive enthusiasm is so contagious. She is extremely dedicated and has a take charge attit

  • Sally Bates
  • - 11/13/2007

    Sally Bates, three-time breast cancer survivor, has been at the heart of the daily operations for the Des Moines Race for the Cure® for almost 15 years. Sally has also turned her volunteering into a family affair: Sally's sons, Chris and Jeremy, have assisted in preparing for the race for several years; her da

  • Bill and Becky Burke
  • - 10/9/2007

    Bill and Becky Burke Bill and Becky Burke moved to the Manchester area in 2003 and immediately-in fact, they'd hardly unpacked-joined the Race for the Cure® Sponsorship Committee as volunteers. One year later, the Burkes took the helm as Sponsor Co-Chairs and have never looked back! Every year since

  • Diane Jones
  • - 8/30/2007

    As a Komen volunteer for seven years, Diane Jones is truly an outstanding and genuine person who represents the spirit of giving. Diane is a 30 year breast cancer survivor who translated her experience and energy into helping others. Diagnosed when she was 36, a mother of two young boys, the diagnosis was life

  • Kelly Coates
  • - 7/2/2007

    Don't let her wicked sense of humor and easy going demeanor fool you. Kelly is a woman who gets things done. It all began on Race Day 2004 as a favor for a friend and staff member of the Affiliate. Since then, Kelly has had her finger on the pulse of the Komen Oregon and SW Washington Affiliate. She had volu

  • Alison Lukan
  • - 6/6/2007

    Alison Lukan heard it knocking on her door, but breast cancer did not hit home until eight years later. After her grandmother was burdened with breast cancer in 1991, Alison's mother received the same diagnosis in 1999. "It still wasn't as close to me as it should have been when my grandmother found out," says

  • Ennio Carlon
  • - 5/1/2007

    The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Italian Affiliate is proud to present one of its outstanding volunteers: Ennio Carlon. Being tall and good-looking, Ennio has served as a cuirassier of the President of the Italian Republic for twenty years. Although he has not experienced breast cancer in his family, he has always

  • Georgia Herrick Hanson
  • - 4/4/2007

    Georgia Herrick Hanson is the kind of volunteer who makes any event easier to pull off because she understands the necessity of "suiting up" and being "hands on." Georgia did not let a little chemo and radiation get in the way of showing up for the very first Ride for the Cure® event in Aspen. She donned a wig

  • Joan McCarthy
  • - 2/1/2007

    I am a task-oriented person, so when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2004, my goal was to complete treatment and reconstructive surgery by the end of 2004. I wanted to begin 2005 with the whole notion of breast cancer behind me and forgotten. However, while I was recovering from the first of two recons

  • Carmen Caruth
  • - 1/3/2007

    Breast cancer has been a part of my life for a long time. My mother was diagnosed when I was a teen; my aunt was diagnosed in my early adulthood; I was diagnosed at 39. So it was logical that I would become a volunteer in the fight to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening illness. About six years a

  • Paula Linn
  • - 12/1/2006

    My involvement with the Komen Shreveport-Bossier City Affiliate began with a simple request from a business acquaintance, Beth King (now our current board president), to be in charge of a new idea she had for the Komen Race for the Cure® - a Memory Board/Honor Board to celebrate survivors and those who had pas

  • Edna Slack
  • - 11/1/2006

    Edna Slack of the Northeast Louisiana Affiliate is often described as quiet and unassuming, but is someone who can and will get the job done. Edna, a 13-year breast cancer survivor, has worked with the Affiliate for 11 years. Soon after starting as a volunteer with the Komen Northeast Louisiana Race For the Cure&r

  • Jane Ambro
  • - 10/3/2006

    Jane Ambro has been involved with the Indianapolis Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Komen Indianapolis Race for the Cure® since before the first Race ever took place. During the summer of 1991, Jane, as an employee of Little Red Door Cancer Agency, began developing a Mammography Assistance Prog

  • Ashle Burnett and PJ Kling
  • - 9/5/2006

    You can't say Ashle without saying PJ, and you can't say PJ without saying Ashle. This pair, made up of two very different individuals, forms a dynamic volunteer team for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Mid-Kansas Affiliate. Together, they are the face and voice of the Affiliate. Ashle Burnett is a young, beaut

  • Beverly Cassel
  • - 7/11/2006

    There have been many unexpected happenings in my journey through life. I remember well the day of February 2, 1995. I went to a routine appointment with my gynecologist, not knowing it would be followed by a visit to a surgeon and the prospect of breast cancer. The following day the dreaded news was confirmed, and