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Someone I know was diagnosed

It may be a friend, a family member or a co-worker who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Regardless of who you know, you will likely want answers to your questions. We'll help you learn everything you can about being a co-survivor, including basic information about breast cancer, how to find resources and how to offer the best support.


Get the Answers

Are you looking to help your loved one find information on breast cancer? Or, do you now have questions or concerns about your own risk of breast cancer? A woman's breasts go through many changes during her lifetime.  It's important to know which changes are normal and which are not. Understand the risk factors, get diagnosis and treatment information and much more.

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What to say to a loved one

Is someone you know battling breast cancer or stepping back into "normal life" after treatment? Sometimes it's hard to know what to say or do. Our fact sheets and information about breast cancer and its emotional impact can help you meet the needs of your loved one.

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How to find support

As a co-survivor, you provide much needed support for your loved one.  But, you need support too. Learn how to cope and connect with other co-survivors.

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