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  • Interdisciplinary Breast Fellowship Program

    Susan G. Komen for the Cure, under the guidance of its Scientific Advisory Board, is re-evaluating its training grants mechanisms. While we are confident this is a positive step that will result in a more robust and competitive program, we are also aware that you may have concerns and questions about funding for fellowships that would begin in mid-2009.

    Due to the complexities and time required to examine a program such as this, the decision has been made to suspend the Interdisciplinary Breast Fellowship award for at least the current year. Additionally, no program renewal offers will be extended at this time.


    Komen is currently accepting applications for its Post-Baccalaureate Training in Disparities Research grant and we will be releasing a Postdoctoral Fellowship RFA early fall 2008.

    For the most up-to-date information on the Komen grants program, please go to www.komen.org/grants where you can view all current, open opportunities. If you have additional questions regarding the current RFA's, feel free to contact Kendall Bergman at kbergman@komen.org.