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The Republic of Tea

The Republic of Tea 20 year anniversary logo
 Susan G. Komen for the Cure and The Republic of Tea have been partners in the breast cancer movement through the Sip for the Cure® program since 2001. The Republic of Tea continues it commitment in 2011 with a guaranteed minimum donation of $100,000 during this year to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  The signature Sip for the Cure line of products includes five pink tea varieties: Pink Grapefruit Green Tea Pink Lemonade Green Tea, and the new, flavors added last year Pomegranate Vanilla Red Tea and Red Cherry White Tea.

Also included in the program are 250-count bulk bags of tea and 50-count single servings of Pomegranate Vanilla Red Tea. The Republic of Tea also offers specially-designed gift items and accessories, including two mug designs. The Republic of Tea has donated more than $1 million since the inception of the Sip for the Cure® program. For more information,  

Program Information

Program / Partner Name: Sip for the Cure®
Program Active: January 1, 2010  - December 31, 2012
Product Available for Purchase:  Natural and specialty food stores, department stores and other retail stores nationwide; online and catalog
Benefit to Komen for the Cure:  $1.00 per full sized 50-count tea tin (five flavors), $1.00 per full sized 36-count tea tin (five varieties), $0.36 per 6-count traveler tea tin (five flavors), $2.78 per 250-count bulk bag of tea (five flavors), $1.80 per 50-count single serve over wrap Pomegranate Red Tea, $0.98 per Pink Grapefruit Ceramic Tea Mug and Lid, $0.98 per Red Cherry Ceramic Tea Mug and Lid and $0.125 per Passion Fruit Papaya Green Glass Bottled Tea   
Suggested Retail: Prices vary per product
Guaranteed Donation: $300,000 minimum guaranteed donation over three years 

Total Contribution: More than $1 million

Partner Since: 2001

The Republic of Tea is a member of the Komen Million Dollar Council.   


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