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  • Texarkana Affiliate

    Awards Ceremony at the Texarkana Race for the Cure

    The Texarkana Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure is built on the strength of our volunteers. Their tireless efforts, commitment, dedication and loyalty make it possible for us to wage this fight to save lives, empower people, ensure quality care for all and energize science to find the cure.

    Experience the Texarkana Race for the Cure

    With our premier fundraising event, the Komen Race for the Cure®, the twin cities of Texarkana, Texas, and Texarkana, Arkansas, come alive at dawn with banners hung and flags flying, with arches of balloons and pathways lined with pink ribbons. We are about to be swept up in the swirling excitement of the Komen Texarkana Race for the Cure. People wear signs "in memory of" and "in celebration of" the loved ones we all come to honor. Your imagination will go into overdrive witnessing the human stories around you. How many human stories? Well, last year we counted 6,132.

    Friends celebrate Survivorship at the Texarkana Race

    The Survivors' Celebration has the power to make strong men cry and strangers hug strangers. They just keep coming— hundreds of survivors. Whether four days or40 years after a diagnosis of breast cancer, hope is real and strong. Survival is a celebration, but this year is even more. This time, we all carry in us a new knowledge. We have come to understand that this profound and life-affirming force we call Komen Texarkana Race for the Cure is also an affirmation of the power of the human spirit extending throughout the community.

    Grants move the mission forward

    Due to our fundraising efforts last year, we were able to grant funds in the areas of education, screening and treatment to the following organizations:

    Atlanta Memorial Hospital
    CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System
    Girl Scouts of Conifer Council
    Little River Memorial Hospital
    UAMS/AHEC Southwest
    Wadley Regional Medical Center


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