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Read more stories, P-Z

Celebrating Survivors



Pamela Townsend
I remember as if it were yesterday, my mom sitting at the kitchen table with me and nonchalantly saying, "Pam, I found this small lump in my breast." Immediately the tears began to flow from my eyes. My emotions ranged from sad to scared to angry to extremely angry. Pamela's story 

Pat Stock
A message from Pat's son Greg: My mother celebrated her 10th anniversary of remission on April 19, 2004. In honor of her courage and perseverance, I wanted to share some words about my mother and her story of survival. Pat's story

Rhiannon Yocum
It was October 1, 2003, when I discovered a lump about the size of a quarter in my right breast. I could not believe what I was feeling—this wasn't right! I called my gynecologist and got an appointment for the next day. Rhiannon's story 

Roberta Levy
Roberta Levy was just 27 years old when she discovered she had breast cancer. An abnormal Pap smear prompted her to see an obstetrician who discovered a lump in her breast. Since the majority of lumps discovered are not malignant, Roberta didn't worry. Roberta's story

Ronny Arbuckle
Ronny and his wife Sydna are both advocates of early detection, which is a factor in Ronny's seven-year success in fighting breast cancer. They urge everyone they know to seek an evaluation if something out of the ordinary is noticed. Ronny's story 

Sandy Finestone
When I received my breast cancer diagnosis in 1983, I was not given time to gather information to make my own decisions. Even if I had been given more time, in 1983 there was not much information available for a layperson to read and understand, nor were there as many options available as there are for women today. Sandy's story

Sara Rice
Sometimes life throws you a curve, and you must literally stop and look fear straight in the face. That is what happened to me on December 31, 2003. Statistics tell us that most women find breast lumps themselves, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be one of those statistics. Sara's story 

Sherry Kirk
I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer on June 16, 2004, just nine days before my daughter was leaving for the Virgin Islands to get married. I had a sore lump in my left breast and went to my gynecologist for a mammogram. I really didn't think much about it because I'd had fibrocysts in the past that just went away. Sherry's story 

Susan Gryder
In the year of 2000 I lost my best friend—my sister Tina—at the tender age of 28 to this horrendous disease. Shortly after she was diagnosed, my mother was also diagnosed with breast cancer. She was able to beat it. That lets you know that the dreaded disease is loose in my family. Susan's story 

Susan Hudson
I was always the pretty one—the one the girls didn't like because of my looks and my personality. Men were always attracted to me. I had a great job and my life was at its best. I took so much of that for granted. Susan's story 

Susan Johnson
On March 23, 1997, I received the devastating news that I had metastatic breast cancer. My doctor thought that he could shrink my tumor, which would allow me to have a lumpectomy and save my breast. It worked—or so we thought. Susan's story

Tammie Jones
I found a lump in my right breast one evening last year while lying in bed. I decided to just watch the lump, assuming it was a cyst because, at 38, I was "too young" to have breast cancer. Tammie's story

Teresa Drown
Last fall, two of my long-time friends were diagnosed with breast cancer within 30 days of each other. This disease had already hit my family—my grandmother is a 30-year survivor—and now it was hitting my friends. Within six months, the circle of my friends with a breast cancer diagnosis had increased to six. Breast cancer was now "in my face" and I didn't know what I could do about it. Teresa's story 

Terese Pottinger
The very word "cancer" has a frightening effect on people. When I was told that I had breast cancer, I felt like I'd been taken from a relaxing soak in a hot tub and dunked in freezing water! I was only 29 years old and was told the cancer had been growing inside me for five years. Terese's story  

Terri Hathaway
I was under local anesthesia for the procedure, so I was awake and talking with the surgeon and the nurses. Suddenly, the mood changed and everyone got very quiet. At that moment I knew I had breast cancer. Terri's story 

 Kali Wong
"I was just your average pre-pharmacy student at the University of the Pacific, in my last semester of undergraduate study. But there I was, at the age of 20, diagnosed with breast cancer. Kali's story 

Valerie Wilson
"I'm going to die," were my first thoughts when I received a diagnosis of invasive carcinoma breast cancer in 1993. But now, I am a 13-year survivor and in the best health yet! Valerie's story