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Viola Fjellman

 Viola Fjellman 

Viola Fjellman

Treatment: Mastectomy


I am Viola Fjellman, 92 years young, born in Upsala, MN. I have been blessed with four children, grandmother of 12 and great grandmother of 29. My husband and I owned a home in Pine River, MN for about 10 years in the 80's. I currently live in Edina, MN. 


I was first diagnosed with breast cancer on the right side the fall of 1950 and had a radical mastectomy. At that time our family lived in Glen Rock, NJ. Treatment then is not what it is today. My physician's office was out of his home. So after surgery my doctor had me do physical therapy for eight weeks in his office. I was able to drive to all my therapies appointments. In 1951 and 1957 I gave birth to my two daughters. I lost my left breast in 1997. Both times the cancer was self-contained. Once I healed from my surgery in 1997, I did not need any further treatment. 


I have been involved with the Race for the Cure in Minneapolis for numerous years and have even had family run the race. I have to confess, I am too old to be running now! 


I am the woman I am today because I have Christ at the center of my life, a wonderful family, friends and church. I leave you with one promise from my heart today... When trials intrude to slow down your life, it would be easy for you to give in. But by perseverance you'll overcome strife, so just keep on plodding -- with Christ you can win. 


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