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Research, Evaluation and Scientific Programs

To effectively support our focus on reducing breast cancer incidence and/or deaths within the decade, our research grants range from training awards that attract young investigators into the field of breast cancer to large Promise Grants supporting multiple integrated clinical and laboratory projects that come together to answer critical questions in breast cancer. Along this continuum, Komen supports Investigator Initiated Research Grants from established investigators and Career Catalyst Research Grants that seek to move promising young investigators toward research independence.

Our research focus has evolved over the years. In the beginning we focused on understanding the basic biology of breast cancer. As we learn more about the factors that make cancer cells grow and spread, we are able to invest more in the translation of this knowledge into treatment, early detection and prevention.

  • We began with a single grant for $28,000 in 1982
  • Susan G. Komen for the Cure® has funded research each year since we began
  • We have invested more than $750 million in research since 1982
  • We are the largest non-government funder of breast cancer research in the world
  • We currently manage over 500 active research grants totaling over $250 million
  • We have supported a broad range of research from basic biology to treatment to survivorship

Scientific Advisors

Komen's Scientific Advisory Board guides our research focus, identifying the most promising areas of research and the critical questions that need to be answered. The Komen Scholars along with members of Komen's Advocates in Science, through a highly structured peer review process, help identify the most promising projects for funding. With the guidance of these experts, Komen invests every research dollar as carefully and conscientiously as possible.

Research Grants

Annually, we support many different types of research grants from all over the world, each designed to meet specific objectives and to optimize results. Requests for Applications (RFAs) are issued annually. Applications undergo a rigorous scientific peer review processes that involves Advocates in Science, Komen Scholars and other experts in the field.

Komen research and training grantees become part of a unique science and financial management process that engages our researchers and sustains accountability. Please click here for a list of grantees from the 2012– 2013 Grant cycle, and here for a historical record of grantees funded.

Sponsored Programs and Partnerships

Our partnerships and special projects reflect unique opportunities to leverage the capacities of different organizations to address critical challenges and cross-cutting issues in research, clinical practice, and public health.

Awards & Scholarships

Through our Awards and Scholarships, we recognize leading scientists for their significant achievements and support young adults seeking to pursue college in the face of financial burdens due to the loss of a parent to breast cancer and sponsor recognition awards for those who have made significant contributions to our efforts to end breast cancer.

Research Highlights

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Mission Fast Facts


Research Fast Facts

Komen Research Overview
Obesity and Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Therapies
BRCA Gene Mutations
Clinical Trials
Complementary Medicine
Early Detection
HER2 Breast Cancer
Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Personalized Medicine: Overview 
Personalized Medicine: Early Detection, Diagnostic and Risk Biomarkers
Personalized Medicine: Prognostic Biomarkers
Personalized Medicine: Predictive Biomarkers
 Personalized Medicine: Targeted Therapy  

Promise Grants

Promise Grant Snapshot
Forero-Zhou Summary
Garber-Polyak Summary
Robertson-Cristofanili Summary
Schneider-Flockhart Summary
Viale-Pagano Summary
Yeung-Lee-Esteva Summary
Brown-Mills Summary
Fabian-Hursting Summary 

Research Hall of Fame

Dr. Lewis Chodosh
Dr. Nancy Davidson
Dr. Patricia Ganz
Dr. V. Craig Jordan
Dr. C. Kent Osborne
Dr. Robert A. Weinberg

Chronicles of Hope

Joi Morris
Kate Sommer
Kathryn Becker
Julie Zaveral
Karen Durham
Cindy Colangelo
Jamie Savage
Ute Bankamp (en Español)
Bonnie Olson
Terri Swain
Nicole Vazquez (en Español)
Rebecca West (en Español) 

Stories of Discovery

 Unraveling the Secrets of Drug Resistance
Finding Cancer's Achilles' Heel
Exploring the Universe of Sound
Can a Common Vitamin Put the Brakes on Breast Cancer?

Science Buzz

Researchers Discover New Possible Targets for TNBC 
Targeting Obesity to Prevent Breast Cancer
Predicting Risk for African American Women
To Chemo or not to Chemo? That is the Question 
Unlocking the Secrets of CTCs to Prevent Breast Cancer Metastasis  

Behind the Science

 Dr. Kristi Egland
 Dr. Neil Spector  
 Dr. Lisa Newman 




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