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Stories of Inspiration

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Being a breast cancer survivor can vary greatly from one person to the next. Share your stories and serve as a source of inspiration and support to others whose lives have been affected by the disease. Share your story 

Jane Schwartzberg 

It was a cozy February evening in 2000. A 31-year-old
newlywed, I was chatting on the phone and absentmindedly
fingering the V-neck collar of my pajama top, when I felt
something hard, like a small marble, under my collarbone in
my right breast. 
   Jane's story 

Viola Fjellman 

I am Viola Fjellman – 92 years young and a 62-year breast cancer survivor. I was first diagnosed with breast cancer on the right side the fall of 1950 and had a radical mastectomy. Treatment then is not what it is today.  Viola's story 

Candie Cook
It all started with a simple trip to the doctor in August of 2010 to have a bump I found in my breast checked out. My doctor said there was a chance the bump was nothing, but she wanted me to have a mammogram done anyway. I agreed. Candie's story 

Julie Proehl-Fosket
My mother died in 2001 from Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Ever since then I've been on high alert, knowing that it would be a matter of time until I would get cancer, not if I would get breast cancer. Julie's story 

Darrell Skaggs
Breast cancer, it's real and men are not exempt. My goal in sharing my story is to make men aware of this awful disease. If one man is helped by reading this story then I have accomplished my goal. Darrell's story

Stephanie Hosford
In September of 2007, I was told that the small lump I had found in my left breast was cancer. The overwhelming shock of this news was then compounded a mere three days later when I discovered that I was also pregnant. "What is happening to me?" I asked my husband as we both stared in disbelief at the two pink lines on the stick. Stephanie's story

Brian Kuritzky
When I was 13, I learned my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I was 14, I learned that it was terminal. When I was 15, she passed away. Only when I was 18 did I learn my mother had been fighting the disease since I was 10. Only looking back do I begin to understand the toll the cancer had on my family. Brian's story

Paula Holland De Long
After cancer, it hit home that bigger houses, impressive titles, or physical perfection (to name a few) don't take care of you when you're sick, love you when you're wrong, or provide inner peace... Paula's story

Sharon Thompson
Women must not give up or think of being diagnosed with breast cancer as a death sentence. There were so many wonderful things that have happened to me as a result of my breast cancer. Sharon's story  


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