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Facts for Life (by Topic)



The Breast and Breast Cancer

Benign Breast Conditions
Breast Cancer Facts
What is Breast Cancer? 

Risk Factors and Risk Reduction

Breast Cancer Risk Factors
Breast Density
Genetics & Breast Cancer
Healthy Living
How Hormones Affect Breast Cancer
Prophylactic Mastectomy 

Early Detection and Screening

Breast Cancer Detection
Breast Imaging Methods


Axillary Lymph Nodes
Breast Calcifications
Breast Cancer Prognosis
Ductal Carcinoma In Situ
Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Metastatic Breast Cancer
Paget's Disease of the Nipple
Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Types of Breast Cancer Tumors
When the Diagnosis is Cancer - An Overview
When You Discover a Lump or Change 


Treatment Overview
Clinical Trials
Diet & Nutrition during Treatment
Making Treatment Decisions
Targeted Therapies
Treatment Choices - An Overview 

Treatment - Local
Breast Reconstruction & Prosthesis
Breast Cancer Surgery
Radiation Therapy and Side Effects 

Treatment - Systemic
Aromatase Inhibitors
Chemotherapy and Side Effects
Hormone Therapy for Breast Cancer Treatment
Integrative and Complementary Therapies
Research on Breast Cancer Treatment

Survivorship Topics/Living with Breast Cancer

Follow-Up After Breast Cancer
If Breast Cancer Returns
Life After Breast Cancer Treatment
Sexuality & Intimacy 


Coping with Cancer Diagnosis
End-of-Life Care
Getting the Support You Need
Talking with your Children
Talking with your Doctor
Talking with your Partner 

Specific Populations

Breast Cancer in Men
Breast Cancer in Pregnancy
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People
Racial & Ethnic Differences
Women with Disabilities
Young Women & Breast Cancer 


Breast Cancer Resources
Medical Vocabulary 

These titles are also available in Spanish.


Updated June 11, 2014