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  • Questions for Your Provider - Early Breast Cancer

    • Will a sentinel node biopsy be done? How will the status of my lymph nodes affect my treatment plan?
    • Is my tumor estrogen/progesterone receptor-positive or -negative? How does this affect my treatment plan?
    • Is my tumor HER2/neu-positive or -negative? How does this affect my treatment plan?
    • What are my treatment options? Which treatments do you recommend for me and why?
    • What is my prognosis with treatment?
    • How long do I have to make treatment decisions?
    • Can I have a lumpectomy (breast conserving surgery) plus radiation therapy? Will chemotherapy or hormone therapy before surgery improve my chances of being able to have a lumpectomy?
    • If I have lumpectomy, when will I meet with a radiation oncologist to discuss radiation therapy?
    • If I have lumpectomy plus radiation therapy now, and the breast cancer returns in the future, will I need to have a mastectomy at that time?
    • Can breast reconstruction be done at the time of the surgery, as well as later? How much later can it be done? Can you refer me to a reconstructive surgeon?
    • If I choose not to have reconstruction, what types of prostheses are available? Where can I find them? Will my insurance cover the cost?
    • Were my tumor margins negative (uninvolved, clean, clear)? If not, what more will be done?
    • What is my follow-up care? Which health care provider is in charge of this care?
    • What do I need to consider before treatment begins if I would like to have a child after I have been treated for breast cancer?
    • Is there a clinical trial that you recommend I join?
    • Will my tumor be saved? Where will it be stored? For how long? How can it be accessed in the future? To learn more about breast pathology practices, read our report

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    Updated 04/24/14


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