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  • Getting a Second Opinion

    Once you find a health care provider, he or she does not have to be your only source of information. Breast cancer is complex. It is a good idea for everyone diagnosed with breast cancer to consider getting a second opinion.

    Seeing a second provider from a different hospital or group practice serves many purposes. It can:

    • Instill confidence in the first provider by confirming a diagnosis or course of treatment 
    • Give a different insight into your diagnosis and treatment and increase your options for care 
    • Give you a chance to interact in-depth with another provider, who may be better suited to give your care 

    Your provider should be comfortable with and, in fact, encourage you to get a second opinion. A provider should never discourage you from getting a second opinion.

    However, before getting a second opinion, it is best to check with your insurance company to see if there are any limits. Some policies may only cover second opinions from providers in their network.

    Updated 02/13/13  


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