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Immunotherapy is a promising, new field of breast cancer treatment that uses the body's immune system to fight cancer. There are many types of immunotherapy under study, including the use of vaccines.  



Research Fast Facts: Vaccines
Fact Sheet

Like vaccines that protect against the flu or measles, cancer vaccines are designed to build up the body's immunity against disease. Cancer vaccines may be made up of cancer cells or parts of cancer cells. These cells stimulate the body's natural defenses, helping it to attack and kill cancer cells.  

Still in early stages of development, cancer vaccines could one day be used to treat early breast cancer [160]. Clinical trials of vaccines for breast cancer are underway. 

Our commitment to research 

At Susan G. Komen®, we are committed to ending breast cancer forever by energizing science to find the cures and ensuring quality care for all people, everywhere. Our global research grants and scientific programs are essential driving forces for achieving this mission. Many of the world’s leaders in breast cancer research have been supported by Komen’s Research and Scientific Programs – including three Nobel Laureates. Komen’s funding has supported research that has resulted in a better understanding of breast cancer; earlier detection; personalized, less invasive treatments for what was once a “one-treatment-fits-all” disease; and improved survival rates. Learn more about the exciting research we are funding.  

Updated 03/24/14


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