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Questions for Your Provider - Hormone Therapy


Questions to ask your doctor about hormone therapy
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  • Do I need hormone therapy? Why?
  • What tests were done on my tumor? What were the estrogen receptor status and progesterone receptor status of my tumor? How do these affect my treatment plan?
  • Which hormone therapy are you recommending for me and why? How does this therapy treat my breast cancer?
  • Is there a clinical trial that I am eligible to join? Do you recommend I consider joining that trial?
  • How will hormone therapy affect my risk of having a breast cancer recurrence, metastasis or a new breast cancer? Please explain the differences to me.
  • What are the short- and long-term side effects of this hormone therapy?
  • Are there any medications I should avoid while using hormone therapy?
  • Is there a generic form of this hormone therapy? Is it as effective as the name brand?
  • How soon after surgery will I begin hormone therapy?
  • In what form and how often will the hormone therapy be given? How long will I be on it?
  • Will I be given the hormone therapy along with other types of treatment?
  • What side effects should I report to you?
  • Will I need extra tests or exams? If so, which tests and how often will they be needed?
  • Will I be given a baseline bone density test if I will take aromatase inhibitors? How will you follow my bone density status? What can be done to help reduce bone loss if it happens while taking an aromatase inhibitor? What signs or symptoms of bone loss should I report to you?
  • Should I continue to see my regular physician or gynecologist during my treatment?
  • How often will I have check-ups and follow-up tests after treatment ends?
  • Will a follow-up care plan be prepared for me?
  • Which health care provider is in charge of my follow-up care?
  • Where can I find a support group for people living with breast cancer (or cancer in general)?
  • What do I need to consider before treatment if I would like to have a child after I have been treated for breast cancer?

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Updated 04/15/13


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