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  • Bone Density

    Many studies have shown that women with high bone density have an increased risk of breast cancer [52-57]. A meta-analysis that combined the results of 10 studies found that women with high bone density had about a 60 to 80 percent higher risk of breast cancer compared to women with low bone density [57].

    Why might high bone density increase breast cancer risk?

    Having strong bones does not increase breast cancer risk. Rather, high bone density is a marker for higher levels of estrogen in the body (the more estrogen a woman produces in her lifetime, the more bone mass she has). These higher estrogen levels are linked to an increased breast cancer risk [17].

    Learn more about estrogen and breast cancer risk.

    Bone density and osteoporosis

    Although women with higher bone density may have a higher risk of breast cancer, they have a lower risk of osteoporosis [58].  

    Updated 11/05/14


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