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Emerging Therapies


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There is a constant search for new and better ways to treat breast cancer. Advances over the last few decades have increased survival and improved the quality of life for breast cancer survivors. Therapies now under study should continue this progress into the future.


Our commitment to research 

At Susan G. Komen®, we are committed to ending breast cancer forever by energizing science to find the cures and ensuring quality care for all people, everywhere. Our global research grants and scientific programs are essential driving forces for achieving this mission. Many of the world’s leaders in breast cancer research have been supported by Komen’s Research and Scientific Programs – including three Nobel Laureates. Komen’s funding has supported research that has resulted in a better understanding of breast cancer; earlier detection; personalized, less invasive treatments for what was once a “one-treatment-fits-all” disease; and improved survival rates. Learn more about the exciting research we are funding.  


Emerging areas in treatment

Perhaps the most promising new treatments are targeted therapies. Unlike many of today's standard treatments, targeted therapies attack only cancer cells and leave healthy cells alone. So, they may help limit side effects and improve survival.
Learn about new therapies currently under study in the following sections:  

Clinical trials

Research is ongoing to improve all areas of treatment for breast cancer. New therapies are being studied in clinical trials. The results of these studies will decide whether these therapies become part of standard care. After discussing the benefits and risks with your health care provider, we encourage you to consider joining clinical trials of new therapies. in collaboration with Susan G. Komen® offers a custom matching service that can help you find a clinical trial that fits your health needs. 

Learn more about clinical trials


 Komen Perspectives 

Read our perspective on clinical trials (July 2012).* 


* Please note, the information provided within Komen Perspectives articles is only current as of the date of posting. Therefore, some information may be out of date at this time.   

Updated 04/25/14



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