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Questions for Your Provider - Breast Cancer Screening


Questions to ask your doctor about mammography
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Questions for your health care provider

  • When should I begin mammography screening?
  • What should I do to prepare for the mammogram?
  • How often should I get a mammogram?
  • Is my mammogram scheduled at an FDA-certified mammography center? (To check on your own, visit
  • Does the radiologist specialize in mammography?

If your health care provider does not perform a clinical breast exam

  • Would you perform a clinical breast exam today?

If you are 40-49 and your provider does not bring up mammography

  • Can we discuss the risks and benefits of mammography for me?

If you are at higher risk of breast cancer

  • What screening tests do you recommend for me?

If you are disabled

  • Can the mammography center accommodate women with physical disabilities?

If you are pregnant

  • When and what type of screening is safe for my developing baby?

If you are breastfeeding

  • When and what type of screening should I get?

If you have breast implants

  • Which mammography center has experience in mammography for women with breast implants?

If you have an abnormal finding from a clinical breast exam or a mammogram

  • What follow-up tests will I have? What do they involve?

Questions for your mammography technologist

(Before the exam, let your technologist know if you are anxious or have any concerns. And, tell your technologist if you feel any discomfort during your mammogram.)

  • How long will the mammogram take?
  • Will I have a film or digital mammogram?
  • When will I get my results?

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Updated 07/30/13


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