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Clinical Trials of Complementary Therapies


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Clinical Trials
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 Clinical Trials

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Clinical trials provide vital information about the safety and effectiveness of complementary therapies. The number of well-designed randomized clinical trials on complementary therapies is growing quickly. These trials take place across the country (and around the world) in many types of medical centers and hospitals.

Benefits and risks of taking part in a clinical trial

Taking part in a clinical trial gives you the chance to use a complementary therapy in a well-monitored setting. It also advances scientific knowledge that can help others in the future.

It is important to discuss joining a clinical trial, whether for a complementary therapy or conventional treatment, with your health care provider. He/she can discuss the benefits and any risks with you.

Learn more about clinical trials.

Finding a clinical trial of complementary therapies

The websites below are good resources for finding information on clinical trials of complementary therapies.
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
National Library of Medicine
National Cancer Institute 

Each website has a slightly different focus, so be sure to visit them all to get a complete picture of the clinical trials currently being offered. Use the search tools of these websites to narrow the list of trials to your interests. Then discuss this information with your health care provider.

Learn more about clinical trials.

Updated 05/31/12

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