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    Research Grants Awarded

    2004-2005 Grant Cycle : Research Grants Awarded

    Cancer Control, Survivorship and Outcomes Research

    Latina Women and Breast Cancer Screening: Sociocultural Factors
    Ana Abraido-Lanza, PhD
    Columbia University


    Functioning, Fatigue & Psychological Distress in Breast Cancer Survivors: A 4-Yr Follow-Up Study
    Wayne Bardwell, PhD, MBA
    University of California, San Diego


    Improving Mammography Follow-up at an Inner-City Community Health Center
    Tracy Battaglia, MD, MPH
    Boston University School of Medicine


    Quality of Life: Native American Cancer Education for Survivors (NACES)
    Linda Burhansstipanov, MSPH, DrPH
    Native American Cancer Research


    Cancer Rehabilitation for Low Income and Hispanic Breast Cancer Patients
    Tim Byers, MD, MS
    University of Colorado Health Science Center


    Treatment of Hot Flashes in Breast Cancer Survivors: A Pilot Study
    Maggie DeBon, PhD
    University of Tennessee Health Science Center


    Use Of Radiolucent Pad To Reduce Mammography Discomfort Among African Americans
    Kimberly Engelman, PhD
    University of Kansas Medical Center


    A Study of Effectivenss of Esperanza y Vida: A Breast Cancer Intervention for Immigrant Latinas
    Deborah Erwin, PhD
    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


    Muslim Women’s Perceptions, Needs and Barriers to Breast Cancer and Screening
    Osman Galal, MD, PhD
    University of California, Los Angeles


    Why Some Breast Cancer Survivors Do Not Use Surveillance Mammography
    Berta Geller, EdD
    University of Vermont and State Agricultural College


    Quality of Life in Long-Term, Multiethnic Breast Cancer Survivors
    Carolyn Gotay, BA, MA, PhD
    University of Hawaii


    Being Well, Staying Healthy: An Integrated Mind-Body Medicine Intervention to Decrease Fatigue Among Breast Cancer Survivors
    Kathy Helzlsouer, MD, MHS
    Mercy Medical Center


    Improving Outcomes: A Pilot Study of an Integrative East-West Medical Model for Survivors with Chronic Disabling Symptoms
    Ka Kit Hui, MD
    University of California, Los Angeles


    Influence of Diet and Lifestyle on Breast Cancer Outcome
    Polly Newcomb, PhD, MPH
    University of Wisconisn Comprehensive Cancer Center


    Genetic Evaluation for Breast Cancer Susceptibility In Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Women In South Texas
    Amelie Ramirez, DrPH
    Baylor College of Medicine


    A Navigator Delivered Skills Intervention to Improve Communication and Decision-Making Among African American Breast Cancer Patients
    Vanessa Sheppard, PhD, MA
    Georgetown University


    Quality of Life Before and After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Older Women
    Amy Trentham-Dietz, PhD, MS
    University of Wisconsin


    Reducing Disparities in Breast Cancer Screening in Chinese American Women
    Judy (Huei-yu) Wang, PhD
    Georgetown University


    An Interdisciplinary Innovative Approach to Promote Breast Cancer Screening Among New Immigrant Women from Southeastern and Southern Asia
    Tsu-Yin Wu, PhD
    Eastern Michigan University


    Web-based Breast Cancer Educational Program in Korea
    Myungsun Yi, Doctor of Nursing Science
    College of Nursing, Seoul National University


    Early Detections, Diagnosis, and Prognosis

    Health Literacy as a Predictor of Complete Breast Cancer Screening & Follow-Up
    Mary Ann Chiasson, DrPH
    Medical & Health Research Association of New York City


    Regular Mammography Screening: The Realities for Women with Disabilities
    Melissa Clark, MS, PhD
    Brown University


    Factors Influencing Utilization of Early Breast Cancer Detection in China
    Deborah Oakley, PhD
    University of Michigan



    A Clinic-Based Study of BRCA Mutation Carriage, Differences in BRCAPRO Scores, and Breast Cancer Risk Factors Among Asians and Caucasians
    James Ford, MD
    Stanford University


    Molecular Epidemiology of Steroid Hormone Metabolism in Relation to Breast Cancer Risk in African Americans
    Ikuko Kato, M.D., Ph.D.
    Wayne State University


    Ethnicity and Outcomes of Breast Cancer Genetic Counseling, Testing and Follow-up Risk Reduction Measures
    Gail Tomlinson, MD,PhD
    University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas



    Utilizing Appointment Facilitation and Reminder Systems to Increase Screening Among Enrollees of the Wayne County BCCCP
    Robert Burack, MD, MPH
    Wayne State University


    Factors that Influence Breast Cancer Risk Appraisal among Elderly African American and Caucasian Women
    Robin Wood, EdD, RN
    Brigham and Women's Hospital


    * Pending executed agreement